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SMART CHOICE Lick & Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Assorted Colours

SMART CHOICE Lick & Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Assorted Colours

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Encouraging slower food in-take to improve digestion and overall health, the Smart Choice Lick & Slow Feeder Bowl is suitable for use with biscuits or wet food. With a textured raised and ridged bone-shaped base to prevent dogs from wolfing their food in a few chomps, the Lick & Slow Feeder Bowl also increases mental stimulation

  • Assorted Colours: Blue, Green & Orange
  • Suction Cup
  • Bone Imprints
  • Material: TPR

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is made of durable, food-grade TPR and is dishwasher safe. Suitable for an array of dog breeds, ages and sizes!

Simply fill the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl with your dog's food and set it on the ground to use it. Your dog will have to eat more slowly because of the elevated ridges and bumps on the bowl, which can assist to avoid choking, vomiting, and bloat.


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